Packing lists for your trip - to print and check off

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Before the trip comes the packing... Are you also one of the people who manage best with a packing list? Then you are exactly right on this page. Because here we have compiled a variety of packing lists for all kinds of trips: Packing lists for city trips, packing lists for women, for men, for backpackers and many more. Each list is individually configurable and can be checked off online. You can also print each list or save it as a pdf.

General packing lists

The perfect checklist for any type of vacation.

Packing lists by topic

Here you can find our packing lists, sorted by the type of your vacation. You are going camping? Then have a look at our checklists especially for camping or the camper.

Packing lists by country

In this overview you will find all our packing lists sorted by country. You want to go to Ireland, Sweden or Italy? Then have a look at the packing lists for the respective countries.

Tips & Tricks

Here you will find many useful tips for your trip. What should be in the first-aid kit? How do I fold shirts correctly?

Packing List Download

Here you can find the travel list in different formats. For quick printing I recommend to download .pdf. To change and customize the travel list download the .doc or .odt files. Have fun!