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Travel checklist and tips for packing
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Good music under the open sky, dancing, good mood, exuberance and friends around: That is the appeal of festivals. In addition to comfortable and festival-appropriate clothing, you also need to think about basic camping equipment with a gas stove and kitchen utensils. At large festivals, camping utensils can be bought later, but usually at a very inflated price. In addition to alcohol, most festival fans include canned food in their luggage, which serves as a staple for many.
  1. Money
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Make-up and feminine hygiene
  4. Clothing
  5. First Aid Kit & Medication
  6. Papers & documents
  7. Glasses & Contact Lenses
  8. Sleeping
  9. Catering, Food & Drink
  10. Basic camping equipment
  11. Technology & Electronics
  12. Suitcases, Backpacks & Bags
  13. Other


At a festival you need cash, because at the food and beer stands you usually can't pay with a card. You should stow this in a belt bag or a chest pouch, so that you do not lose the money and it is safely stowed in the crowd. The wallet is best left at home except for the important papers (see below).


Personal hygiene

At a festival, you usually don't need much. You should pack the most necessary things like toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel toilet paper and contraceptives.





Make-up and feminine hygiene



For a festival that lasts two to four days, you don't need a lot of clothes. In addition, the usually small tent does not offer much space for large suitcases or travel bags. Clothes should be comfortable and when choosing clothes, keep in mind that they can get dirty and wet and maybe better not to take the newest or the bright white sweater.


Everyday clothes





First Aid Kit & Medication

You don't need a big first-aid kit at a festival. However, a few things can be very practical at a festival.


Papers & documents


Glasses & Contact Lenses



Above all, earplugs should definitely end up in your luggage. They are not only practical for sleeping when the music is still loud or the tent neighbors are still enjoying the evening, but also protect against too loud music on the festival grounds.


Catering, Food & Drink

Although there are many food stalls and food trucks on the festival grounds, your own food should not be missing - after all, the festival grounds are not open all the time and the food there is very expensive. For the morning, some bread and cold cuts and jam or muesli should be packed. Of course, canned food should not be missing - the main meal of all festival lovers.


Basic camping equipment

Equipment such as tent, camping stove and kitchen utensils are indispensable. For those who are content to sit on the ground and cook and eat, just take a picnic blanket spread out in front of the tent. A little more comfort promises camping chairs and camping table.

Disposable grill or accessories such as grill lighter, charcoal, etc.


Technology & Electronics


Suitcases, Backpacks & Bags

The way from the parking lot to the campground is often long. A suitcase or large travel bag is therefore impractical. Wheels usually don't make it easier, as the terrain is uneven and sometimes muddy. Better suited is a small travel bag that you can carry with one hand or hang around your shoulders. Even better is a backpack: then your hands are free for other luggage like sleeping bag, cooler or a crate of beer. It might be a good idea to take a backpack with you to the festival area. So rain jacket or a thicker sweater for the evening or when it gets chilly in between find the way to the festival site. The cell phone should be protected with a waterproof cover, so that it is not only protected from rain, but also from beer showers.