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Barbados is the easternmost link in the chain of the Lesser Antilles. The island had long ago acquired the name "Little England", because it professed the Commonwealth and accepted the British crown. But on November 30, 2021, that era was a piece of history, as Barbados bid farewell to the British crown and became a republic. The new form of government was celebrated with gun salutes and a parade in the Square of the National Heroes in the capital Bridgetown. The people of Barbados live in an exotic environment. And this on a terrain that covers just 431 square kilometers. On the threshold to the South American mainland, Barbados occupies a special position, because hardly any other Caribbean state has as many relics of the British colonial era as Barbados. UNESCO has included several buildings in the picturesque old town of Bridgetown in its list of World Heritage Sites. These include the Nelson Monument from 1813, which is surprisingly three decades older than the famous Nelson Column in London.

Country data Barbados

Barbados at a glance

Area431 km2
ContinentNorth America
CurrencyBarbados Dollar (BBD)

Map Barbados

Country borders and location of the capital