Hagenbeck Zoo

Animal park with over 200 animal species
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The Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg is one of the best known and most popular zoos in Germany. On the 25-hectare site, almost 2,000 animals in more than 200 species can be seen in a wide variety of faithfully designed habitats. Every year, more than one million visitors embark on an animal journey around the world through all continents.

Species-appropriate husbandry without visible bars

For more than 100 years, Tierpark Hagenbeck has been providing joy for animal fans young and old. The highlights of the world-famous zoo include the tropical aquarium, the elephant enclosure and the world's only polar sea with a walrus family. The elephant herd is one of the largest in the world.

The special thing about Hagenbeck Zoo is that the enclosures have no visible fences or bars. This gives visitors the feeling of being very close to the animals in their natural habitat. The zoo's main priority is to keep the animals in a species-appropriate manner and to breed rare animal species. In addition to the species-rich animal kingdom, an impressive variety of plants and trees can also be found at the zoo, which is already being run by the seventh generation of the Hagenbeck family.

"Leopard, sea bear & co." make Hagenbeck's zoo famous

Great popularity has already been enjoyed for years, among other things, the regular feedings of a wide variety of animals. The regular jungle nights, holiday activities and other events also attract many visitors to the zoo. In addition, there is of course a lot of information about the diet and life of the animals from the respective keepers.

Hagenbeck Zoo has also become famous throughout Germany in recent years thanks to the ARD television series "Leopard, Seabear & Co". Here you can get an entertaining insight into the life of the animals and the work of the numerous animal keepers.