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Istanbul is a metropolis on two continents. Located on a strait between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the city on the Bosphorus stretches over a European and an Asian part. A total of 39 districts are spread over two continents. More than two thirds of Istanbul's population lives in the European part.

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Egyptian Bazaar in Istanbul: The Spice Bazaar is one of the city's tourist attractions, located in the Eminöü district by the Galata Bridge.
The Sultan Ahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque is one of the main sights in Istanbul. Tours are available outside of prayer times.
In the past, the Bosphorus was also called the "Strait of Constantinople". The strait connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. As the Bosphorus gives the countries bordering the Black Sea, such as Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, access to the Mediterranean, it is considered an important waterway. More ...
The Cisterna Basilica or Yerebatan Sarnici is located opposite the Hagia Sofia in the historic district of Istanbul-Sultanahmet. Emperor Justinian had the imposing building constructed in the 4th century to supply water to the Great Palace. More than 80,000 cubic metres of water could be stored in an area of 9,800 square ...
The Galata Tower is located on the northern shore of the Golden Horn and towers over Istanbul's Beyoglu district in the Asian part of the metropolis. As early as 507, Emperor Anastatius had a wooden lighthouse built on the site. In 1348, the 67-metre-high tower served as the main bastion of the ...
Grand Bazaar in Istanbul: A must for every visitor. Haggling is expressly desired. A labyrinth of alleys gives a feeling from 1001 nights.
The Hagia Sofia is an important sacred building with an eventful history. A visit to the museum is a must in Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace

Great palace from the 14th century
Topkapi Palace in Istanbul: Once the seat of the sultans and administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire. Today a museum with precious treasures.

Girls' Tower (Kiz Kulesi)

Famous lighthouse in the Bosphorus with museum and restaurant
The tower, which in the past served not only as a lighthouse but also as a customs house, a retirement home for naval officers, a quarantine station or an optical telegraph, is now equipped with a restaurant.

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Looking for the best time to travel to Istanbul? Find here an optimal overview of the best time to travel, the best months to travel to Istanbul and information about climate, temperatures and sunshine hours throughout the year.

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Once founded by the Greeks in 660 BC as Byzantium, Istanbul, which was called Constantinople until 1920, experienced a checkered history. Plundered by Christian knights during the Crusades and later captured by the Turks, the Ottoman Empire and Constantinople rose to become a world power.

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