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Miniature Wonderland

There is one thing you definitely can't miss on a trip to Hamburg: The Miniatur Wunderland. Located near the Elbe in the Speicherstadt, this exhibition envelops its visitors in wonder. It is the largest model railroad in the world and enchants both young and old. Immerse yourself in this magical spectacle!

Largest model railroad in the world

The exhibition is a highlight not only for railroad enthusiasts, but also for families and explorers. In addition to the railroads are on an area of 1,499m ² not only trains move through the many different worlds. More than 200,000 figures, 130,000 trees and almost 5,000 buildings are lovingly and in long precision work set up.

Every day, the employees make sure that everything runs smoothly. Not only do the trains and railroads travel through the many tunnels, over the tracks and along the mountainsides, but cars and even airplanes can be marveled at. What Miniatur Wunderland is truly a technical wonder!

The miniature worlds

From the Scandinavian countries to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, South America and North America. There are all kinds of things to discover, you just have to look closely! The active volcano, Vesuvius, in Italy, the sights of Hamburg or the wild hustle and bustle and colorful flashing of signs in dazzling Las Vegas! You could spend days in the exhibition, because every little detail is made with love and must first be discovered.

People, buildings, trees, lamps and much more are everywhere in the exhibition area. See the wonderful world from above and be enchanted! Whether with a view of the Ferris wheel at the Oktoberfest or over the Alps, take this bird's eye view for once and feel the magic not only by day, but also by night Because every 15 minutes the world wraps itself in nocturnal darkness and you can see the lights twinkling everywhere. Besides these different countries and continents, there are also several special exhibitions. They show, for example, the former way of life, divided Germany or future cities.