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Odense is a town in the Danish region of Syddanmark. It belongs to the municipality of Odense, about 141 km west of the Capital Copenhagen. There are about 181.000 inhabitants living in Odense.

Travel Guide Odense

Located on the beautiful island of Funen, Odense is the third largest city in Denmark. Founded as early as 998, the name derives from the Norse god Odin. The name remained even when the place was appointed the episcopal see of the island of Funen six decades later. Odense carried the status of capital for five years, when Queen Christine settled here for that period. The long and eventful history can also be experienced in the historic old town. Everywhere you can feel the presence of the most famous citizen of the city, who made it to world fame. We are talking about Hans Christian Andersen, who was born there and wrote his little masterpieces here. Whether Andersen was inspired by Odense or it was the other way around is a question that visitors may well ask themselves. His quote "There is no harm in being born in a duck yard if you have only lain in a swan's egg." May well be meant for Odense. But it would be unfair to associate the city only with the name of the famous storyteller. Odense has a great gastronomy and pub scene, a vibrant city with interesting sights. The "Danmarks Jernbanemuseum" displays the largest collection of railroads and ferries in Northern Europe on more than ten thousand square meters. The "Brandts House" houses a museum of photographic art and Denmark's media museum. In the open-air museum "Jernalderlandsbyen" a historical workshop offers insight into working in the iron age.

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