Public Transport in Malmö

Public transportation in Malmö
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  3. Öresund runt - around the Öresund in two days

Transportation in Malmö


The bus system in Malmö is comprehensive and forms the backbone of public transportation in the city. The buses connect the different parts of the city and the surrounding communities. With regular departures and well-planned routes, they offer a reliable and convenient way of getting around Malmö.


This train connects Malmö not only with other Swedish cities, but also with Copenhagen in Denmark via the Öresund Bridge. The Öresundståg trains are an important connection for international travelers and commuters between the two countries.


The Pågatågen are local trains that connect Malmö with other parts of the Skåne region. These trains are particularly useful for commuters as they serve both urban and rural areas. With frequent departures and comfortable carriages, they offer a fast and efficient way to travel longer distances within the region.

Tickets and fare systems

Since 2020, Malmö and the whole of Skåne have had a new fare system for public transport. The electronic tickets have been completely converted to the Skånetrafiken app. Old systems, such as the Jojo Kort electronic ticket and the Reseplaneraren app, no longer exist.

This has made the whole system much simpler and there are now only two ways to buy a ticket:

Important: You cannot pay with cash on the green city buses in Malmö.

There are also special tickets such as the Öresund runt.

Öresund runt - around the Öresund in two days

If you want to see Copenhagen and other sights around the Öresund in addition to Malmö, the Öresund runt ticket could be an alternative to the car.

The ticket entitles you to travel once across the Öresund Bridge and once on the ferry between Helsingör and Helsingborg. The ticket is also valid on all trains and buses in Skåne and on public transport in the Copenhagen metropolitan area.