Andaman Sea

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Around the Andaman Sea, there are numerous island paradises for vacationers to discover in Thailand. Not for nothing the sea is one of the popular snorkeling and diving paradises. The water in the south of Thailand is unique in color and washes up on white sandy beaches with tropical vegetation and palm tree streets. Phuket is one of the largest islands in the Andaman Sea and a good choice for a wellness vacation. There are small fishing and bathing bays, many restaurants and resorts where tourists can relax and be pampered right on the water. In the Andaman Sea are true pearls of smaller islands, where happiness seems to live. The sea enchants with its smooth surface and the view into crystal clear depths. It is a marginal sea of the Indian Ocean and extends from the Thai coast to Malaysia and Sumatra. To the west, the Andaman Sea borders the Gulf of Bangalen.

Länder an der Andamanensee