Sea of Marmara

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Between Europe and Asia lies the Sea of Marmara, which belongs to the Mediterranean Sea and connects with the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea via the Dardanelles and the Bosporus. During a vacation in Turkey, tourists can enjoy the low salinity, especially on the north coast near Istanbul. The Sea of Marmara has a depth of 1,370 meters and is home to a variety of marine life and plants. About six million years ago, the Marmara Trench was formed by activities of the Anatolian plate. However, scientists still cannot say exactly how the sea was formed. It continues to be a popular tourist destination, although in some areas it has recently come under criticism for pollution and bathing is no longer possible there. As the only access to the Black Sea, it remains militarily significant, especially for Turkey and the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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