Yellow sea

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The Yellow Sea is part of the China Sea, lies on the coasts of China and Korea, and is also a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean. It includes the Bohai Gulf and the Korea Bay, which lies to the north. In fact, unlike the Black Sea, the Yellow Sea is really yellow in color. It contains a very nutrient-rich alluvial sand, which is carried into the sea as loess by the Yellow River "Huang He" and other rivers, where it is deposited in the yellow segiments. Compared to other seas, the Yellow Sea is relatively shallow and reaches a maximum depth of 110 meters. Fascinating is the vastness of 417 square meters, while on the shore unfolds a huge bay that reaches the bottom of the sea, called the Bohai Sea. There are numerous species of algae and crustaceans that thrive in the water. In the Yellow Sea, Chinese explorers discovered a huge oil field in 2007, near Hebei Province.

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