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The Greek shipping company ANEK Lines was founded in 1967 in Chania and still has its headquarters there today. The snow-white ferries operate routes between Piraeus and Crete and Italy and Greece.

The shipping company Anek Lines

ANEK Lines is one of the three largest Greek ferry companies, along with Minoan Lines and Superfast Ferries. Its subsidiaries include Champion Ferries L.T.D., Lane S.A., Lefka Ori S.A. and Etanap S.A. Currently ANEK Lines operates 9 ferries on the popular Adriatic routes Ancona-Igoumenitsa-Patras and Venice-Igoumenitsa-Patras, as well as on the Greek route from Piraeus to Chania and Herkalion. Also on the ANEK ferries' schedules are the Piraeus-Crete-Rhodes connections and the islands of Milos, Santorini, Anafi, Kassos, Karpathos and Halki.

On board the ferries there are comfortable sleeping chairs, deck seats, lounges and common areas. Exclusive luxury cabins can be booked on some ships, which include complimentary breakfast in one of the à la carte or self-service restaurants. In addition to restaurants, features of the spacious ships include bars, separate children's areas and good shopping in the onboard stores.

All ANEK ferries are equipped for disabled passengers. Elevators and escalators make travel very comfortable even for older guests. The Adriatic ferries have beautiful swimming pools, café-bars, casinos and a grill station on the sundeck. All of the line's ships also offer affordable Wi-Fi connection packages. Passengers traveling with a caravan have the option to spend the crossing in their camper.

On all lines of the shipping company there are regularly interesting discounts. For example, children travel at a 50% discount on the Adriatic lines, while young people and senior citizens receive a 20% discount. In addition, ANEK offers a smart bonus program with many benefits and savings prices for almost all types of transportation. Favorable savings packages for passengers and vehicles and an early booking discount complete the offer.

The ANEK fleet is considered to be extremely reliable, very modern and customer-oriented. The high standard of the ships is certified and guaranteed by a recognized quality assurance system according to ISO 9001:2015.

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