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Corsica Linea

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Corsica Linea is a French ferry company that focuses on connections from the southern French port of Marseille to Corsica. It also offers routes from Marseille to Tunisia and Algeria.
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Route map: Corsica Linea

Ferries in France (domestic)


Algeria - France

1 Sailings Weekly
23 h 30 min

Tunisia - France


Corsica Linea ferry ports


About Corsica Linea

Corsica Linea is a private ferry company based in the Corsican capital Ajaccio. It emerged in 2016 from Maritime Corse Méditerranée, which in turn was the legal successor to the shipping company SNCM - so basically it is just a new brand, not a completely newly founded company.

Corsica Linea offers connections from Marseille to Corsica as well as to Algeria and Tunisia. There are four ports of call on Corsica: Ajaccio, Bastia, Ile-Rousse as well as Porto-Vecchio. The main connection is the Marseille-Bastia route, which is served 1-2 times a day during the high season.

The routes to North Africa are served much less frequently: for example, the ships of Corsica Linea sail from Marseille to Tunis three times a week, and from Marseille to Bejeija in Algeria even once or three times a week.

Corsica Linea currently operates eight ships, most of which were taken over from its predecessor company SNCM. Their capacities range from 600 to 2800 passengers, so they are medium to large ferries with lengths between 150 and 200 meters.

All ships of the Corsica Linea have extensive gastronomic offers with restaurants and snack bars or cafeterias. Since all connections have quite long travel times - the trip from Marseille to Corsica takes ten to eleven hours, depending on the destination port, and about 22 hours to North Africa - comfortable cabins are available on all ships. Some of these can be booked in different comfort classes. Some ships have sun decks and even pools.

Cover photo: StudioPortoSabbia / Shutterstock.com