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Tallink & Silja Line operates several ferry routes in the northern Baltic Sea between Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia under the brand name Silja Line. The ferry usually calls at the capital of the respective countries.
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All ferry routes 2024 / 2025

Route map: Tallink & Silja Line

Åland - Sweden


Sweden - Finland


Sweden - Estonia


Finland - Åland


Åland - Estonia


Finland - Estonia


Talink Silja Line offers the following routes: Stockholm-Helsinki, Helsinki-Tallinn, Stockholm-Tallinn, Stockholm-Turku, Stockholm-Riga, Aland-Tallinn, Muuga-Vuosaari and Helsinki-Riga. On the routes from Stockholm to Helsinki, Turku and Tallinn, the port of Mariehamn on the Aland Islands, which belong to Sweden, is also called at up to eight times a day.

The voyages from Sweden to Finland and the Baltic States are quite long, with sailing times of around 17 hours, and are operated overnight. These routes are usually operated once a day. The shortest connection of Tallink & Silja Line is the route from Helsinki to Tallinn, which is served with six to seven trips per day; with a travel time of only two hours, this route is even suitable for a day trip.

The regular connections can also be booked in combination as a so-called mini-cruise, for example on the route between Stockholm and Helsinki. Departure is in Stockholm in the late afternoon, and most of the next day is available for a shore excursion in Helsinki before returning to Stockholm the following night.

Currently, Tallink & Silja Line operates a fleet of twelve ships. The ships used on the long-haul routes offer an exceptionally high level of comfort. For example, the "Silja Symphony," which was modernized a few years ago, has a 142-meter-long glass-roofed promenade. All ships offer gastronomy with several a la carte restaurants as well as pubs and bars. Some even offer shows and discos; the interior thus resembles a cruise ship more than a ferry. All Tallink & Silja Line ships have cabins that can be booked in various comfort classes, from simple inside cabins to luxurious suites.


More Ferries and Ships

All info about the ferries from Tallink & Silja Line. Click on the name of the ship to get more information about the ship and its current position.

Baltic Queen2009
Baltic Princess2008
Victoria I2004
Silja Europa1993
Silja Symphony1991
Silja Serenade1990