Your travel guide for Speyer
Speyer was founded by the Romans as Civitas Nemetum or Noviomagus and is one of the oldest German cities. Around 600 Speyer was the center of the Speyergau, after that the free imperial city belonged to the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire. Very famous are the Imperial and Marian Cathedral, today the largest Romanesque church in the world, the Jewish sites (both part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Town House in Maximilian Street, the historic Town Hall, the Old Mint and the Old Gate. The 55 m high tower was a main gate of the city in the Middle Ages.

Where is Speyer?

Speyer is a city in Germany. It is located about 498 km southwest of the capital Berlin. There are about 51.000 inhabitants living in Speyer.

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