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The old town of Bruges

UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000

The beautiful medieval old town is not only the most important sight of Bruges, but since 2000 it has also been protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

A city to live and see

In the old town, the main sights can be reached on foot within a few minutes. For variety, there are many inviting restaurants and bistros. You will also find plenty of opportunities to go shopping or take a break for a leisurely cup of coffee as you explore the idyllic cobblestone streets. Today, the medieval old town is a living environment for around 23% of Bruges' inhabitants and also a place of rich pleasures.

A somewhat different city tour

The numerous canals that criss-cross the medieval city make it possible to explore it by boat. Weather permitting, don't miss this interesting option. From the boat you will discover most of the museums and medieval buildings from a different perspective. In between, old brick buildings with Flanders gables delight the eye. Old patrician houses or large trading houses are picturesque witnesses of Bruges' great past. The countless green spaces, which invite you to linger for a moment, provide a break from the hustle and bustle.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The historic city centre owes this honourable title to the fact that the layout of the houses and streets corresponds exactly to the typical layout of the city in the Middle Ages. Despite (or perhaps because of) this structure, the Old Town of Bruges is a contemporary living space, enriched by modern concepts of use and architecture. Strolling through the city along cobbled streets steeped in history, you will experience a relaxed city atmosphere where magnificent mansions shine alongside modest residences.