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Your travel guide for Aschaffenburg
Currently, the largest city in the Bavarian Lower Main region in the far northwest of Bavaria on the border with Hesse has a population of just under 71,000. Founded in the late 10th century, Aschaffenburg takes its name from the Aschaff tributary of the Main River, which flows into the larger stream here in the Main quadrangle. These waters are partly responsible for the mild climate, which earned the city the nickname "Bavarian Nice". Aschaffenburg is also frequently referred to as the gateway to the Spessart region, with its old town worth seeing around the landmark Johannisburg Castle. In addition to buildings such as the Theoderichstor, Reigersberghaus and Ludwigstempel on the Bischberg, the city also delights its visitors with Schönbusch Park, which covers more than 200 hectares.

Where is Aschaffenburg?

Aschaffenburg is a city in Germany. It is located about 410 km southwest of the capital Berlin. There are about 71.000 inhabitants living in Aschaffenburg.

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