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Your travel guide for Bamberg
With a current population of almost 77,000, the largest city in Upper Franconia is known to a wide audience primarily because of its old town, which is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Romanesque "Cathedral of St. Peter and St. George" and its stone facade figure "Bamberg Rider" from the 13th century. Because of its many churches and location on seven hills, Bamberg was once also known as "German Rome", the first written mention dates back to 902. Many breweries also contributed to the city's fame, some of which have existed since the 13th century and still produce a traditional local specialty with the aromatic "Rauchbier". Of course, the beer is also served at the "Sandkirchweih" every year in August in the old town around the Sandstraße.

Where is Bamberg?

Bamberg is a city in Germany. It is located about 341 km southwest of the capital Berlin. There are about 77.000 inhabitants living in Bamberg.

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