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The famous waterfront in Copenhagen

Nyhavn is one of Copenhagen's most popular tourist districts, with its colourful gabled houses right on the harbour. It is the old harbour and entertainment district of the city. Fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, one of the city's most famous sons, spent much of his life here.

The Nyhavn district

The district was created in 1673 with the flooding of the Nyhavn Canal. Nyhavn means "new harbour″. The canal in the district was drawn to connect the sea directly to Kongens Nytrov square in the center of the city. The oldest house in Nyhavn, number 9, can still be visited. It was built in 1678.

Gradually, residents and small shops settled here. Ships and traders from all over the world were to be found here. So it was only logical that also many restaurants and taverns were opened in the new harbour quarter. At that time, in contrast to today, many dubious characters were to be found here. Most of the beautiful colourful warehouses and public buildings that can still be admired today were also built in the 17th century.

Nyhavn today

Nyhavn remains one of Copenhagen's most popular destinations for visitors and residents alike. Along the canal in are many bars, restaurants and shops in a nicely designed pedestrian zone. Especially on warm summer days there is a lot going on here. At Christmas time you can also visit a very nice Christmas market in Nyhavn year after year.

Sights in Nyhavn

With the colourful gabled houses that adorn numerous postcards of Copenhagen, Nyhavn harbour is a sight in itself. During a walk through the district, you can make a detour to houses number 18 and 67 - both once inhabited by the writer Hans Christian Andersen. The Anchor Monument, which is located in the direction of Kongens Nytorv, is intended to commemorate the approximately 1600 Danish sailors who lost their lives during the Second World War.

Popular with tourists are the harbour tours that can be made from Heibergsgarde in the blue boats. The theatre, the monument to the poet Hans Christian Andersen and Charlottenburg Palace can be found at Neuer Markt at the western end of Nyhavn.