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Schloss Christiansborg

Christiansborg Castle is one of the most famous sights in Copenhagen. The imposing building is located in the south of the Danish capital on the castle island Slotsholmen.

The almost 100-metre-high castle tower can be seen from afar and towers high above the roofs of the metropolis. Christiansborg Palace was once the seat of the Danish royal family. Today, not only the parliament, but also the Supreme Court as well as the Foreign Ministry meet in this magnificent building. The royal family still uses some of the rooms for representative purposes.

Tour through the castle

During a sightseeing tour, visitors can admire the former throne room and have a look into the knights' hall, which has a length of 40 metres.

Below the present Christiansborg Castle it is possible to visit the medieval ruins of the original castle. The first castle was built in 1167 by the city's founder Absalon.

The baroque outbuildings will delight you with their royal stables and carriages. A visit to the theatre museum, which is housed in one of the numerous outbuildings, is particularly interesting. Those interested in culture can pay a visit to the Court Theatre, which was built in 1767.

History of Christiansborg Castle

Since the original construction of the first castle, several buildings have been erected. After Archbishop Absalon, Christian VI commissioned Christiansborg Castle to be built. This commission was carried out by the German-born architect Elias David Häusser. After the completion of the first castle, courtly life flourished in the Danish royal house. In 1794, the castle was severely damaged in a fire and the new building also fell victim to a fire.

In 1950, the Danish Parliament took up its work in the once royal premises. Between 1907 and 1928, the present Christiansborg Palace was built. Although the castle was not yet finished, the Parliament of Denmark moved in and held meetings. The royal family moved their residence to Amalienborg Palace.


From Christiansborg Castle, the waterfront is not far away. On the way from Christiansborg Palace to the shore, those interested in culture pass the stock exchange, which is another highlight in the Danish capital. Towards the north, the impressive harbour with its numerous pubs and restaurants invites to a visit. Not far away is the Amalienborg Castle, which is worth seeing, as well as the Little Mermaid, which is considered the most important motif of Copenhagen.