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The Tivoli amusement park in Copenhagen

Tivoli has been the most popular attraction in the Danish capital since 1843. The extensive park is located in the middle of the city and is only a few minutes walk from Rådhuspladsen, the town hall square, and the central station.

World famous amusement park

The term amusement park is a bit of a misnomer, as Tivoli is an inspiring juxtaposition of a beautifully landscaped park, a variety of historic and ultra-modern rides, and numerous cozy cafes and restaurants.

Time seems to have stood still a little, as the park has not lost any of its nostalgic charm even after 175 years. Everything seems to be very authentic and cosy, intrusive music and flashy neon signs will not be found in the Tivoli. Everything together forms an incomparable mixture that fascinates and inspires visitors of all ages. Even Walt Disney, the creator of the legendary Mickey Mouse, was so impressed during his visit many decades ago that the unique atmosphere of Copenhagen'sTivoli became the model for his famous Disneyland.

Romance and breathtaking attractions

The way to the highest chain carousel in the world or to the more than 100 year old wooden roller coaster leads through a labyrinth of small lakes, fountains and lovingly laid out flower beds. Especially in the evening, the Tivoli offers a truly fairytale setting. More than 100,000 lamps are reflected in the narrow canals and create a magical atmosphere.

In addition to quaint food stalls, there are also excellent restaurants that provide a wonderful setting for a romantic dinner for two. The amusement park in the Danish capital Copenhagen is also famous for its numerous concerts and cultural events. Every day there is a varied live music program of jazz, pop, folk or popular classical music for every taste in the music pavilion. Great concerts can be experienced in the large concert hall or in the beautiful historical ambience of the Glass Hall.

A special attraction is the "Pantomimeteatret", the famous pantomime theatre far beyond Copenhagen. On its open-air stage, the classic "Pierrot and Colombine" and other plays in the tradition of the Italian Commedia dell'arte are regularly performed.